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Things to look for in a lash tech

So you've been thinking of getting lashes, YEA !!!!!  But OMG it seems like there are so many people who do lashes.  How do you know who to choose and how do you begin filitering the search.   Well I've compiled a small checklist for you to help you find what hopefully will be your new favorite lash tech and best friend. 

  • Are they licensed?  This may seem like a no brainer but trust me it isn't.  Your technicican should hold one of the following licenses, not just a certificate; Esthetician, Eyelash Specialist or Cosmetologist.  It is crucial that they be properly licensed as this ensures that they have completed the required hours by the state in which they live. In all of these licenses the individual must complete a minimum of 20 hours of sanitation,  Thus they are held to a higher standard.  After all keep in mind that the tech will be working on your eyes.  You wouldn't trust your precious eyesight to just anyone, would you.  
  • How long have they been lashing?   Lashing may look simple but trust it takes a lot of skill and practice.  On average if your lash tech has been lashing consistently everyday for at a year, then you should be in good hands.
  • Ask to see their work!   A lash artist should be able and willing to show off their work.  This should allow you to see a variety of looks on former clients and help you decide during your consultation on the look that may best suite you.  Keep in mind that you don't want to compare your lashes to the next person.    Each set of extension will vary from person to person.  Eye shape, natural lashes, length curl and thickness of the extensions determine the final look.  Every lash look is unique just like you.  
  • Price!!    Now here is where I may step on some toes.  Always choose quality over quantity.  Not being a hate or knocking on people who offer lashes at $50 for a full set.  They may be just starting out and getting a portfolio together ( I even did lashes for $55 when I first started out just to get my hands on some live models and not my training mannequin), however this should not be the standard.  The same goes for lashes that start off at $150 or $200.  Are lashes a luxury?  Yes absolutely, however they shouldn't break the bank.  
  • Is your lash tech educating you?  While you should be enjoying or relaxing during your lash session  (lash naps are totally appropriate). Your lash tech should be educating you on how to keep your natural lashes healthy, have a longer retention, and keeping you abreast on changes to products and industry standards.  If you have a question on why your tech is recommending a certain look, ask.  The main goal of all lash technicians should be the health of the clients eyes and natural lashes.  


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