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10 Tips to Get and Keep the Best Tan

We all want to look our best at every chance we get.  Whether you are getting a tan for the spring or summer months or just want to have a nice golden tone all year round, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind so you can have the best tan possible. 

  1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate:  I can't begin to explain just how important this step is, which is why its number one.  Exfoliation is key.  Everyday our skin builds up with dead skin cells, though typically we do not see this process happening unless the build up is excessive.  During your tanning session the solution is sprayed and needs to be able to be absorbed into the skin.  If your skin has multiple layers of dead skin just sitting there this can prevent the solution from penetrating evenly or deeply.  
  2. No oils or moisturizers-  Lotions, oils, creams are a huge no-no the day of your tan.  Unless you want to come out splotchy or only have the tan last roughly 2 days skip all moisturizers.  They act as a barrier on the skin preventing the solution to be absorbed.  Rather the solution is adhering to the moisturizer and thus will rinse off quite quickly.  So the day of make sure your skin is super dry.  The drier the better and the quicker the solution is absorbed. 
  3. No deodorant:  As hard as it may be, especially its usually second nature, skip the deodorant.  It will leave a discolored patch under the arms which wont look natural.
  4. Get a mani/pedi  1-2 days prior:  Nothing is worse than getting a fresh tan then visiting your local nail salon and your tan is soaked or washed off.  Prevent this by scheduling your tan after your manicure or pedicure.
  5. Wear dark loose clothing:  Make sure to bring a change of clothes to wear on your ay out after your tan.  The bigger, baggier and darker they are the better.  Should you happen to get solution on your clothes don't freak out, it easily washes out in the wash however dark clothes make it less noticeable. Ladies skip the workout or yoga pants and sports bras.  They just aren't loose enough and I promise you the struggle is real and will leave a smear where you tried to put them on.  I frequently encourage clients to wear long sundresses or pajamas for their appointment.  No judgement over here. 
  6. Keep your showering to a minimum:  I know it sound super gross, but really helps.  For your first shower keep the water temp slightly cool and time down to 10 minutes or less.   On your first shower skip the washcloth or loofah ( their course texture acts an exfoliatiant) instead use soap or body wash directly to the skin.  
  7. Stay away from pools, beaches and saunas:  I know your thinking "that's the whole reason I got a tan to look good on my vacay" .  By all means enjoy yourself however be mindful that the chlorine, and salt in the water strip the color.  When exiting the water make sure to thoroughly rinse, no soap to ensure that the chemicals are no longer sitting on your skin.
  8. MOISTURIZE!!!  I can not stress this enough, after any shower, or any time you can, make sure you put lotion on your skin.  The solution used for your spray tan can be drying as it naturally absorbs any moisturizer on the skin.   To keep your tan glowing and not having the alligator drying effect, be sure to use plenty of lotion.  Check out the best seller Tan Extender from our store.
  9. Hydrate: You already know that you should be drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, but did you know that its even more important when maintaining your tan.  Drinking water boosts your skin natural hydration allows the skin cells to live longer. 
  10. Invest in tan aftercare: All skincare isn't created equal.  Many over the counter products and some sold online are refilled, diluted, not stored correctly or are over 5 years old  (expired).  You wouldn't want to risk your new tan to any of these issues.  At Angelic Touch we proudly use Sjolie Sunless. Produced and shipped directly from right here in the USA (California) you can ensure that you are getting the absolute best.  They only allow professionals to purchase their products.   Shop our tanning aftercare by visiting the store