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Autumn Lash Shed

AHHHHH Cooler weather, golden crisp leaves, pumpkin spice everything. However it also brings the dreaded Lash Shed. Yes this is totally real. It happens every spring and autumn, but why and what exactly is it?

The autumn lash shed typically tends to begin in October and can last up until the beginning of December depending on the climate of where you reside. During this time you will notice that your lash extensions will fall out more quickly as well as the loss of natural lashes more than usual. There will be plenty of new growth (baby hairs in the anagen phase) beginning to show.

We have hair on our body to prot3ect us from the sun. So in the autumn coinciding with the equinox we no longer need as much hair so we start to shed it. Don’t believe me, take a look at the plug hole in your shower at this time of year and then you’ll know. Or for those who have little pets like me, think about how you seem to find their hair everywhere this time of year.

Fun fact: In order for our bodies to produce hair it must pump blood to those cells but in the winter when our immunity is lowered due to lack of vitamin D our bodies will divert blood into our major organs instead of our hair which we no longer really need

Autumn also brings out allergies some especially to pollen. When pollen is so high, it affects everyone whether they have eyelash extensions or natural lashes.


·         Make sure you are cleansing your lashes everyday.

·         Pick up some local honey for those pollen allergies. It will help your body adjust to the pollen and prevent eye rubbing and sinus reactions due to the change of season.

·         Avoid rubbing your eyes

·         Last but not least, Brush those lashes ladies

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