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Enzymes, what are they?

Dear Angel,

My ten year high school reunion is next year, about eight months away. I definitely want to look my best! Although I can still get into my cheer leading outfit - oh yeah! I also still have a reminder from high school I would like to shed. I was prone to breakouts when I was younger and now have some dark patches on my face as well as one or two acne scars. Are there any treatments that can diminish these facial problems? And most important will I see improvements before the reunion?

Dear Friend,

Oooo girl I'm jealous of you! The only thing I can still wear from my high school days is a pair of earrings I won at the Fall Festival. No lie. But let's talk about you. As I say ALL the time - good skin care is the foundation of being the best you. Your skin is a living organism, constantly growing new cells and changing its appearance. To help your skin reach its healthiest state facials can be added to your skin care routine. Angelic Touch Beauty Bar & Spa offers facials that are customized to your skin care needs. At our award winning salon, all of our signature facials include an enyzme that is added for exfoliation purposes.

Enyzmes are used to provide faster exfoliation. They help to loosen/remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. Enyzmes are effective in diminishing scars, age spots, as well as fine lines and wrinkles on the face. To get that back in the day glow again, a facial would be beneficial in diminishing your problem areas.

If your esthetician determines that your skin requires a more intense treatment(s) a chemical peel may be suggested. Like enyzmes peels are used to provide a healthier smoother skin tone. Peels are used to correct more significant skin care problems where resurfacing of the skin is needed. If your skin has issues with hyper-pigmentation (dark patches of skin) or uneven skin texture a peel will be helpful. Peels are also used to fight signs of aging on the face caused by smoking, pollution, sun damage, or breakouts caused by stress. Some mature women find that during menopause they will experience breakouts or other skin problems as a result of hormonal changes/medication. They have found positive results from facial peel treatments.

So friend, now that you know that correction of skin problems can produce desired effects let Angelic Touch help you get your groove and facial glow back in time for that reunion! For your reunion come and check out our Fall into Flawless Skin event going on now. Check our website at for more details. For licensed professionals or current cosmetology students, check out our online class covering enzymes in depth.

Your guide to natural enyzmes

IMPORTANT: Facials that include chemical peels are restricted to clients who are in their mid twenties of older. Enyzmes a gentler procedure is suitable for all ages and skin types.

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