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So many choices of skincare products to choose from. The difference between OTC vs Professional

Dear Angel,

My husband gave me a gift certificate for a facial last week. It was amazing! I love the way my skin felt after the service was completed. I would love to recreate that dewy bright look to my face at home. But when I went to the purchase products I was overwhelmed by the huge variety of choices. Can you tell me which over the counter products work best on slightly oily skin? Also what is the best order to use them. If it matters I'm thirty-five.

Hello Friend,

Sounds like your husband is a sweetie. Now girl friend you know a good man is hard to find. Can I get an Amen! Well skin care products like hunting for a good man can take some effort but the results are worth the time. Whether you choose to use OTC (over the counter) products or clinical skin care you get what you pay for. Quality costs. Take a look at the following information to help make your hunt a little easier. All our skin care products are available online at

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