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Smoother Skin is the goal, Exfoliation is the key

Dear Angel,

HELP! I am a young adult with reoccurring episodes of acne. My face has an uneven texture and is desert dry. No one wants skin as bumpy as a pebbled driveway. I have tried numerous over the counter products with limited success. Can you help me? Please!

Dear Friend,

Bless your heart! Take a deep breath, and let me tell you how can achieve that smooth dewy feel your face is searching for. The focus at Angelic Touch Beauty Bar & Spa is to help each client to be the best they can be. We strongly believe that beauty begins with good skin care. So my dear you are in the right place. Our salon offers three signature treatments that address uneven skin textures - Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. Both of these treatments are beneficial to your skin. Let's talk about what these treatments can do and how they differ.

DERMA-PLANNING: This is a manual treatment. The esthetician uses a bladed tool to remove surface debris. This treatment is ideally suited for clients with sensitive skin,uneven skin texture and unwanted facial hair. The procedure is painless, however a slight redness may be present during the session but this fades directly after. Derma-planning results in a smoother texture to the skin. The treatment triggers faster cell turnover that creates skin that appears dewy and glowing.

MICRO-DERM ABRASION: This is a mechanical treatment. Our salon uses a diamond tipped suction instrument to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. This treatment is a wonderful anti-aging procedure. Micro-derm abrasion gently" sands" the skin. This removes the thicker buildup of dead cells and addresses any unevenness in the outer skin layer.

RENEW CHEMICAL PEEL: With the use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, Anjelica resurfaces the first layer of skin. Chemical peels are designed to work on a microscopic level, that can produce visible peeling of dead skin over a two week period. All chemical peel treatments do require prepping and consent for post treatment aftercare. Chemical peels are a great way to undo damage from the warmer months.

Now that you know the treatments available let's discuss the benefits of doing a professional exfoliation. OTC products are limited in the measurable changes they can produce compared to treatment by a licensed esthetician. Let's say goodbye to that uneven skin tone and rough face texture! The following list highlights some of the benefits Angelic Touch can provide for our clients that partake of an exfoliation facial.

*improved skin texture

*removal of dry skin and dead skin cells

*prevents breakouts

*evens skin tone

*all skin care products to easily penetrate the skin

*smoother makeup application - less/no makeup required

*lighten acne scars and marks

*erase age spots

I hope that you consider receiving an exfoliation treatment from Angelic Touch Beauty Bar & Spa. During the month of September we are putting a spotlight on healthy skin with our FALL INTO FLAWLESS SKIN promotion. Please visit our website for more details. See you soon Friend!

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