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Lashes 101

Dear Angel,

I have prom in two weeks and I am considering adding lashes to my makeup routine. I have had limited experience with wearing lashes and no lie I'm a bit intimidated. My Mom once glued my eyelids shut putting on strip lashes for my dance recital! Not a good memory. My friend got lash extensions from you and I'm curious about them. My Mom says she will pay for any lashes as long as I don't fly away like Dumbo.

Dear Friend,

I was sipping my tea as I was reading your letter and almost choked! Who taught your mother how to put on lashes? Does she love you, baby? Well, it's none of my business. Thank goodness I'm here to help you in your hour of need. I have the facts to help your lashes pop and make you the princess at prom. You need to start with the basics girl. Think of it as Lash 101. Yep, and I have an E-Book available on my website that will answer ALL your questions about lashes both strip and extension. The title is Lash 101 All You Need to Know About Lash Extensions. You can find in at for 5.99. Now don't get your wings in a twist. I'm going to leave some heavenly advice with you to help you get started. Whether choosing strip or lash extensions always start with a clean dry face. Having a daily skincare routine will increase the wear time of your lashes and decrease the possibility of eye infections.

Strip lashes are economical and allow for a day or night look. They are great for creating an enhanced temporary look. They are applied by the buyer and may be worn more than once. Many clients enjoy the ease of use strip lashes provide as well as the freedom to change their look when they please. Strips must be removed daily and are not waterproof - tears, humidity or sweating will loosen the glue and lashes may not stay attached. Due to the temporary nature of this product they are less expensive than lash extensions.

Lash extensions are applied by a professional. These lashes are custom, giving the client control and choice on the type of look they want to achieve. Because they are designed with the client in mind lash extensions offer a variety of looks, lengths and curl types. Extensions are a semi permanent application that allows the lashes to be worn for multiple weeks. Once the lash extensions are applied the client's only maintenance is daily cleansing of the face and lash line.

Let your lashes make a statement. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, your lashes are the embellishments that let your eyes be noticed. Please visit our website for information about our variety of lash services to find the look that is best for you.

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