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The Perfect Place for Heavenly Advice.- issue 1

Dear Angel,

I have a friend who swears by getting a monthly facial. I'm a skeptic and frugal. Who benefits from getting a facial?

Dear Friend,

If you have never had the pleasure of a facial you are missing out! Facials are for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or skin type. The reason for indulging in an hour of self care is a varied as the colors of blue in the ocean. At Angelic Touch our licensed esthetician will provide a personal consultation to create a custom facial that meets your individual skin care needs. Whether your skin requires hydration and refreshing or more intense intervention, Angelic Touch can take care of your facial needs.

Here are a sampling of types of facials available:

Dry skin: Dermaplane Facial, Signature Facial, Nano Infusion Facial

Acne: Clean and Clear Facial -Used for oil control

Resurface: Microdermabrasion Facial or Hydrofacial - All skin Types

Sensitive: Sensi Facial - Visible relief from redness and irritation

Mature: Non-surgical Face Lift -

Plumping, tightening, toning

Angelic Touch strives to make each visit a heavenly experience. If you are a cherub to facials we are confident you will enjoy your experience. For my facial aficionados, Angelic Touch offers enhancements to take your visit to the next level, these include peels, RF skin tightening and high frequency. Come on in Angels your heavenly glow awaits.

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