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What happens during a facial

Dear Angel,

I received a gift certificate for a facial for my birthday. Although I'm looking forward to some Mommy Me Time, I've never had a facial. What happens during a facial appointment?

Dear Friend,

What a considerate present! A facial is a wonderful gift for everyone. A facial is an opportunity to pamper yourself. At Angelic Touch Beauty Bar and Spa each of our facials are performed by a licensed esthetician who will create a custom program based upon your particular skin care needs and requests. A facial is an hour of specialized treatment to produce skin that is clean, refreshed and dewy. There are several steps to the facial experience, your esthetcian will determine which are best suited for you. So...Lie down. Close your eyes. Relax and put your cares away.

Each facial begins with a double cleanse followed by a skin analysis. This will determine your skin type and the condition of your skin. Next an enzyme will be applied and your skin will be massaged to encourage blood flow. At this point in the facial you will receive extractions of blemishes.This procedure is specific to client's needs and will be done only as needed. Then your esthetician will treat and repair any damage to the skin. The focus of this section of the facial is to address skincare problems, nourish and protect the skin through use of hydration and sunscreen. Once your facial is complete you should notice a visible difference. Skin should feel clean and refreshed. Your skin should look dewy with a level of brightness not apparent before. Your skin should feel softer to the touch. Angelic Touch Beauty Bar and Spa would be glad to take care of your skin care needs. It's time to get your Mommy Magic on with a facial guranteed to be a heavenly experience!

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